Other Caveats

O1 No physiological adaptation is assumed for the future scenario.
O2Percentiles are evaluated separately for the historical dataset and the scenarios.
For the scenarios, the same 75-percentile is used for the present and the future
scenario. The percentile is evaluated at the airport closest to the city and then
used as a threshold in the evaluation for all grid cells.
O3The scenario period is too short to be used for robust extreme value analysis.
O4This is a threshold-based indicator that is dependent on choice of specific
threshold. The threshold can vary from country to country and between climate
regions. The thresholds selected here may not be for the individual geographic
O5For future scenarios, the change caused by trends in emissions can be expected
to dominate over the change caused by the change in climate.
O6Average outdoor, street-level The 75th percentile is a low threshold for hot days specification but is used to be
consistent with health impact calculations presented for heat stress.