Urban air temperature

Sector Essential climate variable (ECV)
Description Urban air temperature 2 meters above the ground
Calculation method Title Period Processing Unit Comment
Hourly Hourly The hourly time series from Harmonie-Arome K  
Monthly min Monthly The monthly minimum temperature K  
Monthly mean Monthly The monthly mean temperature K  
Monthly max Monthly The monthly maximum temperature K  
Yearly min  Yearly The yearly minimum temperature K  
Yearly mean Yearly The yearly mean temperature K  
Yearly max Yearly The yearly maximum temperature K  
Mean over period Five years Total mean for the full period K  
Provenance Air temperature is computed by HARMONIE-AROME
Validation The simulations made by HARMONIE-AROME in Urban SIS has been validated against observations in Urban SIS deliverable 5.1, where an overview is given in Table 4. For temperature a more extensive analysis have been made in section 4.1. See, in particular, section 4.1.1 for an analysis of land use dependence of temperature in the simulations.