Shortwave solar insolation

Sector Agriculture, Green infrastructure, energy
Description Solar insolation (shortwave) is the amount of energy received at the surface from sunlight (W m-2) from both direct and diffuse shortwave radiation on a flat, horizontal surface at mean roof level.
End User Building engineers, architects, urban planners, solar energy sector
Calculation method ID Title Period Statistical processing Unit Threshold Comment
shortvawe Shortvawe solar insolation Average monthly values for modelling period Average monthly total energy MJ m-2 month-1    
Provenance Drought is based on temperature computed by the HARMONIE model.
Validation The simulations made by HARMONIE-AROME in Urban SIS has been validated against observations in Urban SIS deliverable 5.1, where an overview is given in Table 4.  
Calculation caveats

Spatial representation: S1, S4
Other caveats:
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Could be used with:  U5

Motivation Important variable for plant and agricultural health and performance and building energy applications (e.g. solar energy resource potential, influencing energy demand for buildings).
Experience user  

Lindberg F et al. 2015: Solar energy on building envelopes–3D modelling in a 2D environment. Solar Energy 115, 369-378.

Loutzenhiser PG et al. 2007: Empirical validation of models to compute solar irradiance on inclined surfaces for building energy simulation. Solar Energy 81:2, 254-267.