Zero crossings

Sector Infrastructure and transport
Description Number of days with 2 m air temperatures on both sides of 0 °C.
End User Nordic road administrations
Calculation method ID Title Period Statistical processing Unit Threshold Comment
zerocrossings Number of days on both sides of 0 °C yearly Days with temperatures on both side of zero (requires daily max and daily min temp). days  

Only evaluated during winter months.

Provenance Theese indicators are based on output from the Harmonie meteorological modell.
Validation The simulations made by HARMONIE-AROME in Urban SIS has been validated against observations in Urban SIS deliverable 5.1, where an overview is given in Table 4.  
Calculation caveats Spatial representation: S1
Other caveats: 
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When temperature often changes around 0 °C, it has consequences for winter road maintenance. Examples are thaw/freezing cycles affecting the road icing conditions, increasing the deterioration of road surfaces.

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