Drought periods

Sector Infrastructure
Description Maximum number of days where the soil is dryer than a specific threshold.
End User Managers of water resources, agriculture or green infrastructure.
Calculation method ID Title Period Statistical processing Unit Threshold Comment
maxdroughtduration Drought duration yearly Longest period (consecutive days) where the soil moisture is below the threshold days  20% percentile Not available yet
Provenance Drought is based on soil moisture computed by the HYPE model.
Calculation caveats Spatial representation: S6
Could be compared to: C7
Could be used with: U4
Motivation Air temperature is a base indicator for many applications including heat stress, energy use, planning, architectural
design, etc. This can be used to calculate other indicators such as heating (cooling) degree days, tropical nights, and
thermal comfort indices.
Experience user These variables are of use for many additional applications.
References Roudier P, Andersson JCM, Donnelly C, Feyen L, Greuell W, Ludwig F 2015: Projections of future floods and hydrological droughts in Europe under a +2°C global warming. Climatic Change, 135, 341-355 doi: 10.1007/ s10584-015-1570-4.